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Heather is a unique inspirational speaker because nobody else who has had so much adversity thrown at them would be standing up speaking to a room full of people and trying to help them.

The Onion talks about her life and uses her own experiences to show her listeners how they too can achieve what they want to despite setbacks and adversity along the way.

Onion Topics

The Onion will adapt each talk to suit the audience group but here are a few things you might hear this unique inspirational speaker talk about:

  • The magic fridge as a tool for self-belief, focus and achievement
  • How to always follow your dreams
  • It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside
  • How to really believe what people tell you (or how to ignore it)
  • The underground mole, which demonstrates the connection between science and what you feel

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Unexpected and Unique

Heather uses humour to talk about her adversity and how she has overcome it. She makes people smile while talking about difficult topics and is both unexpected and unique. The Onion doesn’t tell you what to do and how to do it. She guides you to follow your own path.

“If you have a dense forest in front of you, I help you forge your own way through.”

Based in the Midlands, Heather is not one to let geography stop her spreading her message and is prepared to speak anywhere in the world! She has already delivered a talk to a disability conference in Australia.

“Create… Don’t just replicate!”

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“I wake up in the morning and get on with getting on.”

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