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What’s a Reality Mentor?

If you want a typical mentor, Heather isn’t for you. If you want a reality mentor, someone who lives in the real world with all its ups and downs and has been there and done that, then Heather’s the one to get in touch with.

She loves helping start-ups and can provide real knowledge and practical tips to help you get your business off the ground. Heather’s no nonsense approach means she will tell you what will work and what won’t saving you time and probably money.

Background to the Reality Mentor

Heather has taken part in advice clinics at the Business Growth Show and received excellent feedback. At one event, someone loved the advice Heather gave so much they brought all their family back to the event the next day to meet Heather!

As Heather is also a fully qualified coach,  you can be assured you are in good hands.

"People need to get raw and get up close and personal with their real selves."

"By breaking down the barriers that we’ve spent years creating and nurturing, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible."

How Can the Reality Mentor Help Me?

Heather provides one to one sessions for small business owners on how to feel more confident when talking about what you do. She will help you with what to say and do and, more importantly, what not to say and do.

Heather recognises that for some it can be a long slow process of hand-holding taking small steps towards your goals. She has the patience to support you for as long as you need it.

 The reality mentor can also help you to get your 60 second pitch right by changing the focus from selling you to selling solutions you can give. She will show you how to reach out to identify someone’s pain and explain how you can solve it.


Heather is available for one off, weekly or monthly sessions depending upon what you need. To find out more about how the reality mentor can help you achieve your business goals and find your path, fill in the form below.