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As an inspirational speaker, Heather encourages people to be the best they can be. Her key message is that it doesn’t matter whether you have suffered from adversity or illness or whether you want to inspire the people you care for – you can achieve your goals.

Heather Bradley speaks at charity events.Heather is a great supporter of charities and has spoken at a number of charity events over the years for a variety of good causes. As a sufferer of many medical conditions (find out more on here), Heather has special interest in many charities and can really engage and empathise with the members.

Heather’s not just another run of the mill inspirational speaker. She’s an onion (find out more here) and has a unique and refreshing perspective on life. OnionTalks is a vehicle for passion, inspiration and ambition to be delivered to audiences in a completely unique way.

Inspirational & Memorable

Heather inspires such trust and confidence in the people she speaks to that they can remember her and exactly what she spoke about years later. She frequently meets adults who remember her inspirational words and tell her how much of an impact she had on them when they were children.

One charity Heather continues to support is Inner Flame. They work with 16 to 25 year olds helping them develop independence and the skills they need in life and work. Heather tells her story in order to inspire the young people to achieve what they want to and show them that nothing is so large it can’t be overcome.

Inspirational Speaker – Case Study

Heather gave a talk at a school assembly with subsequent breakout sessions. In one session, a girl was quiet throughout then started crying. She revealed that she was a carer for someone with the same condition as Heather. Heather was the only person she had told. She had felt such a strong connection with Heather that she trusted her enough to share such deeply personal information. One of the teaching assistants from the school remembers that breakthrough moment seven years on because it meant that the school were finally able to understand what was affecting that young girl and start to help and support her.

That’s just one of many stories that highlight the profound impact Heather has had on those she has spoken to.

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“You cut yourself and bleed if you walk on broken bottles.”
“By breaking down the barriers that we’ve spent years creating and nurturing, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.”

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