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Natural Networker and Authentic Speaker

Heather is a ‘natural networker’: she goes to business events because she likes meeting people and finding out how she can help them. Her talks help the audience to stop seeing networking as selling but as a long-term process of building your connections.

The Onion is authentic as she has been in business for many years and has ‘seen it all’. Her advice comes from not just her business background but her experience in the Armed Forces and also her time as an international hockey player and gymnast. She tells it the way it is and helps professionals find their own way in the world of business.

As an authentic speaker at business events, Heather focuses on the passion of the audience. The Onion believes you have to be passionate about what you do to succeed in business. Her talks focus on how and why you should follow your passion.

Onion Topics

The Onion presents some of the following topics in her own unique and quirky style:

  • People buy from people
  • Networking hints and tips
  • Overcoming adversity in business
  • How to be authentic
  • Failure is not really failure – it’s a stepping stone

“If you’re more giving and you forget about the taking, you’ll find the giving from others will come. What goes around comes around. It might not be that day, that week or that year but it will come.”

Need an Authentic Speaker?

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She has spoken at Coffee & Natter events, entertaining and educating the audience about what we can learn from The Donald as well as how she has overcome adversity.

Heather Bradley speaking at Walsall Coffee and Natter event.