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The Naked Onion

See inside The Onion and find out about the real, unadulterated Heather and learn how an onion thinks.

  • Find out what a typical day looks like for an onion.
  • Learn what an onion thinks of networking.
  • Be inspired.
The Naked Onion is my space to share my thoughts, feelings, highs and lows with you all.

Blog Article 2

Why does the onion talk? What does the onion talk about? I know you will want to listen to the onion talking!

Blog Article 1

This is a great article about being an onion. What does an onion do with its day? How does an onion face challenges? Read here to find out.

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About Heather Bradley

Heather Bradley, also known as The Onion, is an inspirational speaker and reality coach. Heather's unique approach is unique, practical, realistic and based on her own life's experiences.

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