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Heather Bradley is The Onion and OnionTalks is her vehicle to inspire people to overcome their fears, worries and challenges. Heather is an inspirational speaker, mentor and onion.

Onion Talking

The Raw Onion

Heather has been an inspirational speaker and coach for many years. She has overcome more adversity than most other people face in a lifetime and has tackled these challenges head on and survived to tell the tale. Click the button below to find out more about why Heather is an onion and her story so far.

Keynote Speaker

Unique Inspirational Speaker

If you want a unique speaker for an event, The Onion is experienced with speaking to a variety of audiences including business networking meetings and expos, charity groups and young people. Each group takes something unique away from her inspirational speeches. Many listeners find they have an emotional reaction to the message she gives.

Reality Mentor

Reality Mentor

As a reality mentor, Heather specialises in giving down to earth advice and support. She is passionate about supporting start-up businesses who need to find their own unique way of doing things and giving them the confidence to find their own path.

Award Nominee

Award Nominee

Heather has been nominated for a Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of her hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity. Her words have touched people from around the world and they have come together to support her nomination. She has also been recognised and registered as a ‘Woman of Outstanding Contribution‘ by the Global Society of Empowered Women.

“You shouldn’t listen to what everyone else says is or isn’t possible. Only you know what you can do if you listen to and believe in yourself.”
“I want to inspire people and to let them know that everybody has setbacks but that there is light at the end of the tunnel. When things go wrong, you CAN overcome them.”
“People are Onions!  In life – just like the humble onion – we get so much stuff heaped upon us from the day we are born.                   We digest things – both good and bad. We wear and hang onto different layers. They’re barriers – we think they are protecting us but they might be just preventing us from connecting with other people, or stopping us from doing things and therefore reaching our full potential.”